Do you remember that glorious moment? You know which one. The day you bought your first new car. You signed your name a half dozen times and the salesman handed you a set of keys.

Victorious, you sit in the driver’s seat, adjust your mirrors, turn on your favorite station, and set off on a road trip. But first, you just sit. Breathe in the new car smell. “This car is mine.”

After you return from your drive up PCH, you notice a bit of dust. You can’t park a dirty new car in your driveway, so you’d better stop at the 100% hand was first.

You make an appointment for your first oil change, because you bought the maintenance package (of course), right at that the 3,000 mile mark. You have it vacuumed out every week. Your tires are polished and the chrome gives off a mirrored reflection. Ya. You’re awesome and you know it.

But what happens when you get a new roof? Did you buy a maintenance package for it? Did you think it would last for thirty years without any further intervention?

Too often the roof system is neglected. The 10 year NDL warranty is important but it only applies to the actual roof system (membrane) not the penetrations.

Every vent, satellite dish, skylight, or HVAC unit that penetrates your roof has to be maintained. Do you know how many penetrations your roof has? Site screens have kickers that penetrate your roof and are sealed in what are called pitch pans. You could have hundreds of these points.

Roofing penetrations are sealed with mastic, a petroleum-based product. Just as the oil in our new car needs to be changed, so does the mastic. Why? Engine oil is corrupted with every explosion that sends the vehicle forward. Mastic is corrupted by UV light beating down on it day after day.

Just like you vacuum your car’s interior since you wouldn’t want Egg McMuffin crumbs to damage your carpet, the roof system should be swept and the drains should be cleared.

When you take your car for a drive, you give it a once-over, making sure a nail hasn’t gotten into your tire. You have to check for nails that could back out on your roof.

In fact, the other day I was driving to work and my oil light came on. I thought, “don’t you wish your roof had indicator lights?”

They do. They’re roofing inspections. We can put you on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual roof inspection and maintenance plan. This is the only sure way to maintain the warranty and ensure your roof lives as long as it was intended.

Check roof light

It’s also a good way for an older roof to give you more years. Because used or new, just like cars, your roof needs regular attention and maintenance.

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