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residential roofingYour home is most likely the largest investment you’ll ever make and the roof that covers your home protects both your investment as well as the most important and irreplaceable parts of life; your family and loved ones.

Ben Franklin once said that other than your foundation, your roof is the most important part of your home and it’s on guard 24/7 to protect you, your family and your investment from searing summer heat, pounding rainstorms, bone chilling winds, animal infestation and unsavory characters in general.

Your roof takes a tremendous beating on a daily basis and just like your car, it needs to be consistently and properly maintained if it’s to reach or surpass its normal life expectancy and continue to provide the same level of safety, protection and comfort for you, your loved ones and your investment.

roof maintenance laWithout proper maintenance and care, the useable life of your roof can easily be cut in half.  The level of protection and security you’ve become accustomed to for your family and the largest investment you’ll ever make will be in a diminished capacity and most of the time you won’t notice until it’s too late.

Homeowners who simply don’t pay attention or ignore your roofs obvious attempts to capture your attention over the years are likely to discover that molehills turn into mountains and small inexpensive repairs have a way of becoming large, inconvenient and expensive nightmares.

Even with proper maintenance, all residential roofs wear down and need to be properly repaired or replaced and that’s when your first and most important call should be to Jordon Roof LA. We’ve provided Southland homeowners with professionally installed, top quality and long-lasting roofing solutions at affordable prices for over thirty years.

Installing a new roof is something you do once or maybe twice in a lifetime and we understand the value that your home represents to you on both a financial and emotional level.  There’s no need to gamble with your family’s well being or risk devaluing your investment in order to save a few dollars with an unlicensed contractor or settle for a roofing solution that doesn’t meet Jordan Roof LA’s basic requirements for quality materials, timely and professional installation, dependable service and a solid workmanship warranty.

Residential Roofing Services

residential roofing services

Roof Repair & Restoration
Roof Maintenance
Residential Roofing Leak Repair
24/7 Emergency Residential Roofing Services
Roof Inspections
Residential Historic Restoration
Residential Green Roofs

Jordan Roof LA has been providing roofing solutions to Southern California homeowners since 1981.  We specialize in re-roofing, roof repairs, roof maintenance, roof inspections and roof leakage issues for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HOAs and Multi-Unit Residential roofing applications.  We’re also deeply committed to Residential Historical Restoration, Protection and Preservation for the enjoyment and betterment of future generations.

Jordan Roof LA is fully licensed, insured and bonded to perform residential, commercial, industrial, HOA, Historical Restoration roofing work in the state of California and we warranty 100% of our workmanship.

quality roofingWe’re committed to providing quality long-lasting residential roofing solutions and professional installation at affordable prices.  Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed!