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historic-roofing-preservationWith the constant development and innovation in technology, there is little doubt why residential and commercial buildings are starting to adapt modern designs and plans more and more. While most people focus only on their own homes, however, some have to look over very precious yet often overlooked establishments—the structures that contribute to or represent parts of our cultural history.

historic roof preservation.pngIn California, a lot of these structures have started to give in to time, showing bad signs of deterioration, especially in the roof area. For these historical structures, simple roofing repairs or replacement are not enough.  Jordan Roof LA is well known for its expertise in historic roof restorations. We offer the technical experience, working knowledge and master craftsmen to perform the intricate and challenging workmanship that goes into Historical Roof Restoration. We work closely with the building’s owner, general contractor and the architectural team to ensure the roof is restored to the correct historical era in which it was originally constructed.

Most Critical Building Component
Historic preservation experts define the roof as the most critical building component for the preservation of historic buildings and advise that restoration measures should begin with the roof. Interior water infiltration from a failed or leaking roof can quickly destroy the prized historical building materials and ultimately destroy the entire structure.

Original Historic Roofs
For original roofs of sustainable materials such as slate and tile, we recommend preservation and restoration of these historically significant roofing materials. Our roof craftsmen replace missing or damaged roof components with matching heritage materials reclaimed through our historic preservation, protection and restoration sources.  In projects where the substrate deterioration requires replacement, our roof craftsmen will carefully remove the historic roof materials for re-application.

Historically Authentic Roof Systems
Although the goal of historic roof restoration is the use of original materials, in many instances this is not possible. For example, many building codes place restrictions on the use of wood shingles, a common roofing material in 19th century Southern California area structures.

Through historic research and a physical investigation of the roof, Jordan Roof LA’s historic roofing restoration specialists can gain insight into the original roof materials, architectural features, design elements and historic roof construction techniques. We can then recommend a historically authentic roofing system that accurately reflects the historic character of the building.

Historic Craftsmanship
From steeply pitched Victorian gable roofs and gentle sloping Bungalow hip roofs to Mid-Century flat roofs, Jordan Roof LA’s highly experienced historic roof restoration team uses their vast experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive, functional and artistically sound restoration for some of the Southland’s oldest architectural gems. If you’re applying for the Federal Historic Preservation Tax incentive program, it’s important to note that Jordan Roof LA’s work complies with Federal guidelines to qualify as “certified rehabilitation.”

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Historic Roof Restoration Process
Historic restoration can take quite a lot of time since one simple mistake can lead to heavy damage. Historical roof restorations are usually more than a hundred years old and are extremely fragile and easy to damage.

Jordan Roof LA uses the following simple, but highly effective 4 step process for historical roof restoration, protection and preservation process:

1.  Tagging & Identification of Roofing Materials – Tagging and correctly identifying the roofing materials is our first step.  Metals are usually out of the question and wood, slate and clay tiles become our primary options.

2.  Research, Exploration and Discovery – Before a sliver of the roof is moved, repaired or replaced, it’s imperative to thoroughly research the roof plan to gain a proper working understanding of what roofing system or plan was originally used for the building. Everything about the roof must be noted, including details on trimming and protrusions etc…before restoration begins and this is best accomplished by thoroughly inspecting the roof’s design, materials and layout etc…

3.   Preparing the Supplies and Materials – Once step 2 has been satisfactorily completed; Jordan Roof LA prepares the materials and supplies that will be used on the roof’s restoration. If a certain type of material is not available (i.e., the material is not sold anymore), then the closest possible option will be used. Of course, the decision regarding the alternative material to be used will be discussed thoroughly between Jordan Roof LA and the client. The amount and dimensions of the materials is based on the earlier analysis.

4.    The Restoration – After the the supplies and materials are prepared, it’s time to begin the restoration of the entire roof’s structure.  The scope of restoration is based on an evaluation of the roof’s current condition and repair needs and Jordan Roof LA’s own evaluation for total restoration. Patience is a “must have” virtue for Historical Roof Restoration Professionals as the restoration process can take a substantial amount of time and involves carefully taking out old parts of the roof and just as carefully placing new parts back in.

The good news is that once step 4 is completed, the roof on your historical building will be water tight, architecturally correct and looking like it’s brand new.

historic resoration roofingHistoric restoration requires a lot of work and high levels of expertise.  Jordan Roof LA is a proven Historical Restoration Roofing Services Provider for these types of projects.  From small bungalows to multiple buildings in Commercial Districts, our painstakingly detailed, careful and thorough restoration process will have your Historically Restored Roof structure looking and feeling like it was brand new.

Jordan Roof LA is well known for its expertise in historic roof restorations. We offer the technical experience, working knowledge and master craftsmen to perform the intricate and challenging workmanship that goes into Historical Roof Restoration. We work closely with the building owner, general contractor and the architectural team to ensure the roof is restored to the historical era in which it was originally constructed.

historic craftsman roofsHistoric properties are a source of great civic pride and are the heart of many communities. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your restoration and only hire experienced and qualified restoration roofing contractors, like Jordan Roof LA.  We understand the intricacies of an historic restoration and we share the same love of history and beautiful buildings as you do.