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Infrared cameras are used in many new applications including scientific research, construction, and facilities management (in additional to medical and military uses).FLIR (Thermal Forward-Looking Infrared) cameras construction applications range from building diagnostics, energy auditing, property ...
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Traditional built-up roofing (BUR) derives its name from the building of a roof on-site using layers of base sheet, inter-ply sheets, and cap sheet or other surfacing such as gravel or liquid coating.Hot asphalt (bitumen) is the bonding and waterproofing agent between layers.BUR is suitable for most ...
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Why Regular Roofing Inspections and Maintenance?Roofs are constantly under attack by weather, structural movement, and stresses as well as chemicals present in the atmosphere. While normal aging will occur on all roofs, small problems stemming from neglect, abuse, contamination, error or acci ...
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