flir-roofingInfrared cameras are used in many new applications including scientific research, construction, and facilities management (in additional to medical and military uses).

FLIR (Thermal Forward-Looking Infrared) cameras construction applications range from building diagnostics, energy auditing, property inspections, and property management to HVAC, plumbing and of course, roofing..

Fire fighters also now use thermal imaging to assess fire damage through smoke, fog or many other situations where normal vision is obscured. About a decade ago, no fire departments could reasonably afford thermal imaging. However, mass production has substantially reduced the cost, making infrared cameras a new standard for firefighters, which has saved many lives.

One of the newest areas of infrared technology applications involves uses with construction, including many types of roofing and insulation systems.

Infrared home and commercial roof inspection is increasing in popularity due to the enhanced detection FLIR imaging provides (which is superior to the an inspection limited to the naked eye).

Serving Southern California since 1981 Jordan Roof LA takes advantage of all tools and technology, including the use of thermal imaging for inspection purposes.

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