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The materials used to re-roof your commercial, industrial, HOA, multi-unit or single family residential structure carry a manufacturer’s warranty from 5 years to as many as 50 years depending on the materials used.  When it comes to warranting the workmanship and professionalism of how those materials were installed, your warranty is really only as good as your roofing company and/or roofing contractor.

The two most important factors for roofing customers to consider when it comes to roofing company guarantees and warranties are the length of time they’ve done business in the same area and the length of their satisfied customer list.

We’ve been providing Southern Californians with long-lasting quality commercial, industrial, HOA, multi-unit and single family roofing solutions since 1981 and we encourage you to contact as many of our satisfied customers as it takes for you to feel comfortable and secure with Jordan Roof LA as your roofing contractor.

Our standard warranty for all re-roofing workmanship is five (5) years on most commercial and residential projects.  Some residential re-roofing projects can be warranted for up to ten (10) years based on high end composition of materials used.

Roofing repairs generally carry conditional warranties of 1 – 2 years and are only valid on the specific repair area that Jordan Roof LA was contracted to work on and not the entire roof.

In addition to our workmanship warranty, manufacturers warrant their materials anywhere from 10 to 30 years. These warranties are issued by the manufacturer and cover defects or failure of the roofing materials due to manufacturing defects or premature aging.

In California, roofing contractors are required to carry worker’s compensation Insurance, but not liability insurance.  Jordan Roof LA doesn’t cut corners or take short-cuts when it comes to protecting our workers or our customers and that’s why all of our workers are covered by workers compensation and we carry a large general liability insurance policy that protects both you and our staff.

licensed roofing contractorLicensing
Jordan Roof LA is fully licensed, insured and bonded to perform commercial, industrial, HOA, Historical Restoration, multi-unit and single family roofing work in the state of California.

We have the experience, credibility, financial stability and business acumen to exceed your expectations on the smallest of roofing projects to the largest and welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves personally and quote on your next project.  You won’t be disappointed!