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multi family roofing servicesOur Multi-Unit Residential Category encompasses condominium complexes, townhome developments and residential ownership communities without Homeowners Associations.  Unlike commercial and industrial properties which usually have a single owner or property manager making maintenance decisions, multi-unit residential ownership properties have multiple owners, boards of directors and property management firms making decisions based on the overall good of the community.

Making decisions by committee for the common good is inherently more time consuming and unfortunately, any decision leaves part of the community unhappy.  Many contractors, including roofing contractors, don’t spend the time or make the effort that it takes to service multi-unit residential properties and restrict their services to the Southland’s commercial and single family residential market.

Jordan Roof LA isn’t one of those roofing contractors and we’ve been proudly serving the roofing needs of the Southland’s Multi-Unit Residential properties and their Property Managers since 1981.

multi unit roofing servicesWhen it comes to making major maintenance decisions, such as replacing the entire roof on a multi-unit structure, the biggest challenge for any landlord or property manager is how to deal with the homeowners or tenants.

This can become an even bigger challenge if the current roofing has already begun to leak and is causing property damage and loss.

In these type situations, an experienced multi-unit roofing contractor can be a landlords and property manager’s best friend.  Jordan Roof LA has over three decades of knowledge and “hands-on” multi-unit residential experience and our first concern is always the safety of the homeowners and tenants.

We make sure that the entrances to their garages, carports and parking lots are accessible throughout the day and our 24/7 Emergency Services team guarantees a quick response and timely roofing repairs.  All of our multi-unit residential repairs include quality materials and professional installation at affordable prices.

los angeles roofing servicesWe owe our success in multi-unit residential roofing to:

•    Our Attention to Detail
•    Making the Protection of Homeowners, Tenants and Personal Property a Top Priority
•    Quality Roofing Materials
•    Professional Installation
•    Timely and Reliable Service
•    Good Communication between Homeowners, Tenants, Landlords & Property Managers

The roofs on older multi-unit residential properties don’t always let you know there’s a problem until it’s too late.  Not to worry, Jordan Roof LA has the experience, knowledge and financial wherewithal to provide large amounts of quality roofing materials and professional manpower at a moment’s notice  to repair or replace your roof quickly, effectively and affordably; that’s something that very few roofing contractors can do, but Jordan Roof LA can.

roofing licensed insured bondedJordan Roof LA is a fully licensed, bonded and insured California roofing contractor and we warranty 100% of our workmanship.  If you’re looking for a professional alliance with a fully licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractor that knows their way around Multi-Unit Residential Properties and how to treat Property Management Companies, Property Managers, Boards of Directors, homeowners and tenants then look no further because Jordan Roof LA is the roofing contractor for you!