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Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance & Inspections

roof maintenance culver cityThe only way to maximize the potential life on your home or businesses roof is with regular maintenance and roof inspections.  Many homes and most commercial buildings in Southern California have large, flat roofs that can hide small problems like leaks and structural damage, until the problem worsens and can become costly to fix. The safety of your families, employees and clients is also a big concern, but regular inspections and maintenance performed by licensed, bonded and insured professional roofing contractors can locate problems and repair them before they become a safety hazard and costly to repair.

It’s even more crucial to have regular roof maintenance and inspections on older homes and commercial buildings with sloping roofs.  Structures with sloping roofs tend to age faster than buildings with flat roofs which lead to added wear and tear and a variety of other problem issues such as leaks and sagging/collapsing roofs.

roof inspections los angelesRoutine Inspections and Proper Maintenance by Jordan Roof LA, coupled with timely repair of minor roofing issues can prevent small and inexpensive repairs from turning into large, costly and extremely inconvenient re-roofing nightmares.

Our roof maintenance, inspection and repair services can add years of longevity to your roof, preserves the originality and increases the security of your home or business and protects the value of your real estate investment while lowering your liability risk.

Whether you own a small multi-unit residential property or a large commercial building complex, you have our guarantee that routine maintenance and inspections will prolong the life of your roof, no matter how big or small it is.

quality roofing servicesDon’t take your roof for granted by putting off routine roof inspections and regular maintenance until it’s too late, when taking preventative action now will save you time, money and unnecessary frustration in the future.   Jordan Roof LA is a fully licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractor and we warranty 100% of our workmanship.

quality roofing contractorJordan Roof LA has been maintaining and prolonging the useful life of commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and multi-family residential roofs throughout the Southland since 1981.   We’ve delivered quality long-lasting roofing solutions and professional installation at affordable prices for over three decades and we’ve earned your trust without ever having to ask for it.